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The team

IROI is an academic spin-off constituted in 2010. IROI exploits the research experiences of its team in the fields of machine learning and decision support systems. IROI is specialized in design and implementation of solutions covering all the aspects involved in problem solving:

  • definition of all the system/process variables
  • modelling of the constraints to be addressed
  • definition of the criteria for performance measuring

IROI provides expertise in optimization methods, including both mathematical programming models and innovative techniques (genetic algorithms, ant colony optimization, particle swarm optimization, etc.).

The team of IROI engineers has a long time experience in the use of commercial solvers like the IBM Cplex and Gurobi. IROI has a proven industrial record in the application of APS tools for planning and production scheduling targeting manufacturing company.

IROI collaborates with market leaders in the field of APS software systems, developing and integrating solutions for main companies of the manufacturing industry.