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Algorithm design
IROI mission is to operate in Information Technology (IT) field by providing software solutions and services to manufacturing companies and to software vendors in the market of IT solutions for manufacturing industry.
IROI's algorithms incorporate innovative techniques for combinatorial optimization properly engineered and extended to provide high performance with high computational efficiency when facing large-size problems as those characterizing industrial manufacturing production. IROI's algorithms are based both on metaheuristic methods and on mathematical programming, thus they are able to analyze in reduced computation times a very large number of alternative solutions while maintaining a high level of flexibility in problem definition.

Production optimization
Manufacturing and logistics companies more and more show the need to reorganize their production processes, paying high attention to the optimization of key process stages. The Italian and foreign market of producers of management software solutions for manufacturing and logistics companies often is not able to offer quality decision support algorithms based optimization methods and models. IROI's research team developed over time the capability to model complex decision problems, with particular reference to manufacturing, as well as new optimization methods for their solution.

Planning aims at defining a master schedule (eventually aggregated) on a medium-long time horizon. It determines the quantities of products to manufacture in the different production periods (time buckets) and the workload for aggregate production resources. In certain contexts this optimization process is extended to semi-finished products and the sub-lines. The optimization process identifies the master schedule, from which the supply plan is determined, taking into account the fulfillment of demand (customer orders or forecast) and a wide set of constraints for decision variables. As an example, such constraints are imposed on productive capacities, compatibility between the lines/work centers and products, production cycles and routing, reference production rates and so on.
Case study (automotive industry): the management of company aims at producing at a constant target production rate (in order to avoid reconfiguration of production lines), satisfying at the best the demand for a finished product and taking into account the shortage of critical materials. IROI aims to operate in the field of Information Technology (IT) by providing software solutions and services to companies in the manufacturing sector or software vendors in the market of such solutions.

Scheduling defines the detailed allocation of production activities on lines/work centers, specifying both the sequence with which different activities should be carried out and the time instants at which they should begin. The algorithms developed by IROI are able to handle constraints and objectives of various kinds, such as: the presence of setup times; periods of unavailability of the machines; the possibility or not to pause the work before shift changes or closure periods and resume it afterward; the capability to vary production efficiency as a function of the additional resources allocated (e.g., staff); the presence of precedence constraints between activities in the cycles of production with minimum and maximum waiting times, etc..
Case study (industrial components): the sequencing of production stages with the objective of minimizing setup times without violating the delivery dates and considering the plant calendar and the use of secondary resources.
IROI has also developed a software tool to support manufacturing scheduling: VisualGantt

Inventory optimization
IROI developed an optimizer based on stochastic mathematical programming which determines the optimal mix of stocks of materials taking into account cost factors and the level of service to customers. This tool operates on the basis of a prediction model of demand that takes into account reliability and seasonality of time series. This kind of optimizer is essential in the case of make-to-stock production to mitigate costs due to uncertainty in the estimates without compromising customer service.
Case study (automotive industry): Inventory management of spare parts with constraints on the minimum level of customer satisfaction, measured as fill rate (ratio of received orders and fulfilled orders) for groups of parts.

Integration of algorithms with management systems
IROI offers to the software vendors its ability to integrate advanced optimization modules into their management system packages. For this reason IROI products are open solutions, easily customizable for different vertical contexts and according to trade agreements that rule the degree of customization.