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Process innovation and optimization

IROI (Innovation & Real Optimization Instruments) offers software for production planning in manufacturing and logistics.

Examples of problems solved by IROI products are the planning of production in manufacturing considering both commercial and technological constraints (allowing for example, the maintenance of production rates to avoid reconfiguration of production lines) and sequencing of production steps with the aim of increasing production without using additional resources, whether time or equipments; in more technical terms this means to minimize setup times and to optimize the use of secondary resources.

Team members (two research assistants and a Professor of the Faculty of Engineering in Genoa) possess the ability to model complex decision-making situations and developed innovative optimization methods to solve decision-making problems. Such methods, applied successfully in the industrial research context, consist of next generation algorithms: techniques to analyse in small computational time a very large number of alternative solutions in complex problems such as the optimization of resources in industrial plants.

IROI skills range from design, development and application of optimization algorithms based on Operational Research techniques, on the design and development of multi-agent systems software, (i.e. distributed computing systems that can also integrate and exchange information with existing systems), on the design and development of intelligent Web services (able to handle the semantics of data) in the context of so-called SOA architectures (service oriented architecture) up to the development and application of advanced methods for data analysis and knowledge discovering.