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IROI expertises meet Information Technology and Operational Research from both technical and methodological aspects. They are the results of the long term industrial and academic research activity performed by IROI team.

Metaheuristics and optimization algorithms
Design and implementation of optimization algorithms based on mathematical programming models, heuristics and meta-heuristics algorithms and hybrid approaches. Application of innovative techniques inspired by nature behaviours for dealing with complex problems, as Ant Colony Optimization (inspired by ants behaviour in looking for food) as well as the Particle Swarm Optimization (inspired by the bird and insect flight).

Multi-Agent Systems
Design and implementation of middleware and applications based on multi-agent system (MAS) paradigm, hence in design and develop of distributed software systems and middleware for systems interoperability in the integration of heterogeneous and legacy applications by means of agent technology.

Knowledge Discovery
Develop and apply advanced methods for data analysis and knowledge discovering, as clustering or classification techniques.

Service Oriented Architecture and Ontology
Design service oriented solutions along with the implementation of middleware systems: tools for business process modeling and service orchestration, methodologies and techniques integrating multi-agent systems in service oriented architectures. Model and apply ontologies in web based systems, including the definition of semantic web services exploitable in a SOA.